130th Canton Fair Unveils Special Rural Revitalization Zone, Driving the Well-Rounded Development of Rural Regions in China

GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As China recently eradicated absolute poverty and transitioned to rural revitalization, the 130th Canton Fair has for the first time designated a special Rural Revitalization Zone, providing a driving force for the revitalization of rural regions in the country and empowering companies from formerly poor areas to introduce their products to global buyers.

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The Canton Fair continues to give a leg up to Chinese companies entering international markets contributing to the consolidation of poverty alleviation while transitioning to rural revitalization. This edition’s Rural Revitalization Zone is hosted both on-site and online for the duration of the 5-day grand exhibition. The Fair has opened applications for companies from poorer areas without any limitations on quantity or constraints with the goal of benefiting as many companies as possible. A total of 883 companies from less-developed areas have joined the Canton Fair with fees waived, where they are showcasing unique local specialties.

“As China’s top exhibition, the Canton Fair plays a key role in bringing Chinese products to overseas markets, driving the industrial development of various regions to overcome poverty and achieve prosperity,” said Liu Quandong, Deputy Director General of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Canton Fair. “It’s the first Canton Fair for the majority of the 883 companies, and we have explored more online and offline channels for these companies to reach international markets.”

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Guitian, a biotech company based in Yunnan Province, is participating in the 130th Canton Fair with its Shangri-La Wanda specialized planting and breeding cooperative. “As a pioneering company in the quinoa industry and the largest quinoa enterprise in Yunnan, Guitian is showcasing its low-calorie, zero-cholesterol plateau organic quinoa, hoping to gain experience, expand brand influence and seek more partnerships,” said Jin Xiaogang, chairman of Guitian.

Xinjiang Mijie Black Bee is a company specializing in producing original, ecological honey with Xinjiang characteristics.

“We’ve brought honey that’s produced using more than a dozen varieties of flowers that deliver an ultra-rich taste. This is our first time exhibiting our products, and we hope to find more buyers on the Canton Fair platform as well as overseas cooperation opportunities,” said Liu Huifang of Mijie.

Hebei Zaoneng Food mainly produces the Strong Food brand of red jujube juice beverages. The company signed price purchase agreements, seasonal temporary employment contracts and shares dividends with low-income families. It has established a modern agricultural industrialization business model that integrates farming, processing, sales and exports. Zaoneng Food is expected to export to thirty countries and regions in 2022.

“At the Canton Fair, these companies from rural areas are not only taking advantage of international markets and debuting on the global trade stage, but also achieving positive results in product R&D and marketing model transformation, while introducing the charm of Chinese culture to the world,” Liu Quandong added.

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Written by Tenner Smith

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