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79% of Women Unsure about Investment Products – Significantly More Men Considering Buying Shares for the First Time

  • Just 21% of women are confident regarding investment products
  • Women in Germany have 41% less in terms of assets than men (2008: 26% less) 
  • 5.9% of men in Germany “definitely” intend on investing in shares for the first time
  • Among women the figure is just 3.5%

Just 21% of women state that they have high levels of confidence when it comes to investment products.  The share is also only 27% when it comes to retirement planning, as shown in a new infographic from Since there are significantly more men currently eager to invest for the first time, the wealth gap between the sexes could widen further.

The wealth gap has widened considerably in recent years. While women in Germany owned on average 26% less than men in 2008, last year the disparity had widened to 41%. One possible reason for the gap: women’s reluctance to invest their money. There are also other factors, such as lower average income, which we will not discuss here.

The discrepancy within the crypto sector is particularly large. Only 14.23% of the members of the Bitcoin community are female. In the case of stocks the ratio is somewhat more balanced, yet there is still a disproportion.

As shown in the infographic, 5.9% of men in Germany currently “definitely” intend on investing money in shares for the first time. Among women, the figure is only 3.5%. 12.2% of men, however, “rather” want to buy shares for the first time, i.e. they are not yet completely sure. Among women, the figure is 5.8%. In addition, the share of those who “definitely do not” want to invest in shares is significantly higher among women, at around 10 percentage points.

In terms of investment preferences, however, women attach great importance to the issue of sustainability. 47% even assign the highest priority to climate and environmental protection. A smart decision, since sustainable investments have recently been able to generate significantly higher returns.

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