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A Guide to 123SWAP

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For those of y’all who don’t know what 123SWAP is all about, it’s an organization that aims to provide a decentralized finance ecosystem. With that, it has come to the point that peer-to-peer swapping of crypto-assets becomes smooth and seamless compared to swapping the early days.

Here we will get to know intensively about 123SWAP.

What is 123SWAP?

Let’s shed some light on 123SWAP and have intensive knowledge about it.

  • 123SWAP, a method of doing crypto-asset peer-to-peer atomic cross-network swaps without relying on a custodian or counterparty 123swap, is a prominent crypto swap protocol for the Smart Economy, allowing users to swap, hold, send, receive, earn, and invest their preferred assets across several chains.
  • The platform delivers non-custodial services with the highest levels of security, simplicity, and convenience. It allows consumers to see all of the swaps offers gathered from significant crypto exchanges in one convenient location.

123SWAP is helping us solve complex problems, which weren’t possible solved before.

The manual swapping method is inefficient and time-consuming. 123SWAP by using smart contracts, the platform will automate and speed up the exchange process.

With the help of cross-chain blockchain smart contracts, 123SWAP can bring together smart and self-sufficient financial management at one spot. 123SWAP, by using its smart contracts, platform will encourage decentralized money management.

123swap has developed technology that will enable the platform to outperform the competition, become faster, and become the most excellent swap platform globally.

Now that you know how 123SWAP is changing and adding value to our lives, most of you would have that query about why 123swap is the recommended one? So let’s have a look at it so that you get your answers!

123swap effortlessly combines bottomless liquidity from major decentralized exchanges, allowing its customers to benefit from the best rates and speeds. Finally, the platform strives to save the trader’s time, money, and assets.

Considering its users’ concerns at the top of its priority lists, I would like you to know about the key differences that make 123SWAP different and extra-ordinary than other platforms out there. So yeah, let’s shed some light on it.

Differences between 123SWAP and other platforms

The following are the principal features/functions of the 123swap platform that set it apart from the competition:

Visualize the Swap in a Different Light

  • In real-time, you may see the total number of transactions. The user will make a better judgment if all of the metrics used to compute the swap are displayed.
  • Automated Trades
  • Limit orders, stop-limit orders, and various additional automatic options are available, similar to uni swap or pancake swap.

These characteristics mentioned above make 123SWAP the only one loved by its customers and is always on the top of its competitors!

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