A Quick Guide to Employee Stock Ownership Plans


Not everybody has heard about employee stock ownership plans, but they are becoming more and more popular. In fact, in 2018, 252 companies decided to set up employee stock ownership plans. As a result, there are now more than 6,000 ESOPs in the United States! 

So what exactly are employee stock ownership plans? Read on to learn all about these plans and how they can benefit you and your company!

Different Kinds of Stock Ownership Plans 

The basic idea of the employee stock ownership plan is that every employee gets to own stock in the company. That means that every employee shares ownership of the company with everybody else.

You can choose between defined benefit plans and defined contribution plans. 

Some of the larger companies in the United States use employee stock ownership plans. They realize that it is good for their bottom lines to use this kind of business structure. So what exactly are they getting out of employee stock ownership plans?

Benefits of Employee Stock Ownership Plans

One of the biggest benefits for the company of an employee stock ownership plan is that it gives every employee a stronger stake in the success of the company. In other companies, the success of the company doesn’t mean much to an employee as long as the company does not go out of business. They will still get their paycheck month after month, so why should they care if the company doubles in value or not?

This is known as the principal-agent problem. In most cases, the employee has different incentives than the company. That leads to different goals and different priorities.

The employee stock ownership plan allows employees to directly benefit from the success of the company. That means that they will work harder and look more closely for ways to benefit the company. After all, if the company goes way up in value, so does the bank account of the employee! 

Many people ask ‘what are employee stock ownership plans?’ Understanding how employee stock ownership plans work is the first step toward moving to employee-owned companies.

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Enjoy All of the Benefits of Employee Stock Ownership Plans

We hope that you were able to take away something helpful from this brief article on employee stock ownership plans. In a certain sense, these plans are a sort of financial technology. They allow people to organize in such a way that they promote cooperation and productivity.

At first, the employee stock ownership plans can seem complicated. But once you understand all of the benefits that they provide, you will realize why so many people are interested in them. It is more than worth taking the time and effort to understand this exciting possibility!

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