July 26, 2023
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Announcing Martal Group’s New Government Partnership

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Colombian tech companies expedite expansion into the North American market through a new pilot program supported by Martal Group and the Government of Medellín, Colombia.

TORONTO, Feb. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Martal Group today announced it had signed a contract with Ruta N Medellín to fulfill an internationalization initiative to increase exports in the tech sector through March 30, 2022. This strategic partnership with help Medellin-based tech companies expand into the North American market and overcome common challenges Colombian businesses face when developing overseas opportunity funnels.

The Colombian contract marks the third project entrusted to Martal Group by a government entity focused on gaining market share in the United States and Canada for B2B tech companies while maintaining jobs in the origin country. 

Founder and CEO of Martal Group, Vito Vishnepolsky stated, “Martal Group has proven to be a great alternative for government entities supporting local tech companies outside the US. We help government incubators and accelerators ramp up their clients’ businesses in North America while keeping the jobs local. Martal’s sales as a service solution equip companies with a North American sales team without the need to invest in office space abroad or relocation expenses.”

The majority of information and communication technology (ICT) services in Colombia are purchased domestically, making it difficult to participate in global value chains (GVCs), according to the OECD. Opening opportunities in GVCs for Colombian tech companies can significantly impact its emerging economy in the form of increased productivity, innovation, and competitiveness.

Through this pilot program initiated by Ruta N  a joint venture with the city of Medellin — Martal Group is providing outbound B2B lead generation services at no cost to the Colombian tech companies. During the three-month project, participating tech companies will be paired with an outsourced sales team who will build and execute a personalized go-to-market strategy that will nurture opportunities for potential foreign partnerships.

By the end of the pilot, each Colombian tech company will have a holistic understanding of its outbound sales process, position in the North American market, and optimal conversion opportunities.

About Martal Group: For over a decade, Martal Group has specialized in B2B lead generation for tech companies worldwide. Through a proprietary process and a team of expert sales executives, Martal develops and executes go-to-market strategies for businesses ready to expand or scale in North America.

About Ruta N: As a joint venture between the city of Medellin, the mission of the innovation center   is to improve the quality of life for Colombian citizens by strengthening entrepreneurial endeavors in scientific and technological innovation. Ruta N has a variety of projects to encourage global collaboration and provide STi solutions for Medellin businesses.

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