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Best 8 E-Commerce App Must-Have Features For Startups And Enterprises

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Recently, it has been discovered that more than 48% of the population determine any e-commerce store’s credibility depending on its features, functions, and designs. Hence, the right optimization and the appropriate development of an e-commerce app are highly important. 

In fact, if you want to succeed in the e-commerce marketplace, you must include extra-ordinary features in your mobile application. Other than that, you must make sure that your e-commerce mobile app development has been done rightfully by consisting of all the unique features and functions. 

Want to discover the features your app must have in order to compete with your rivals? If so, this article is exclusively written for you.  

Below, we have covered the top 8 must-have features your e-commerce app must possess. 

1. Efficient Registration Procedure 

Customers are always drawn to apps that only demand a brief sign-up process. As a result, the sign-up procedure for your e-commerce mobile app needs to be simple to use. 

Nobody wants to spend time completing those lengthy registration forms that require several steps in order to register.

Enabling social network connections within your apps, such as integrating Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts, is one of the simplest methods to simplify the registration process.

2. Correct Division of Products/Services Sections

Consider that your online e-commerce store offers a wide variety of goods and services. In that scenario, the right optimization of sections and placement of content in the right place is important. The reason is that the mobile screen is constrained, and so is the user’s intent. 

In order to prevent visitor distraction, the divisions must be organized and in a rightful manner.

Make an appropriate category section, a sub-category section, and so on if you want to display a number of categories. 

Include a feature that enables visitors to quickly search any product, such as an advanced search filter or quick sort options.  

3. Make use of Analytical Tools for Viability Testing 

One of the best ways to evaluate user behavior, business profitability, and rivalry between your company and others is through analytical tools.

Google Analytics, without a doubt, is a remarkable tool for figuring out CTR (Click Through Rates), CPC (Cost Per Click), CPA (Cost Per Action), session length, and many other metrics.

Additionally, it enables you to determine which of your visitors’ preferred goods or services and which of your website’s sections or categories they frequently visit.

To help you with this, you may employ e-commerce applications software development firms. They can help you incorporate these analytical tools into your e-commerce mobile application.

4. Introduce Multiple Payment Methods

Due to limited methods of payment, the majority of ecommerce apps fail. In fact, because of the lengthy check-out procedure and limited payment options, 31% of visitors abandoned the app in between.

Visitors consistently spend money at establishments that offer them a variety of purchasing possibilities. Some people prefer to use their credit or debit cards to make payments, while others prefer to pay their bills when they receive their packages. Therefore, having a variety of payment alternatives plays an important role.

You must make sure that the check-out process is simple and straightforward. In addition to that, pay attention to launch multiple payment gateways. Having a variety of payment options ultimately helps attains new customers and retain the old ones.  

5. Integrate Push Notifications

Another effective strategy for keeping clients connected with your business is through push notifications. Additionally, push notifications assist in boosting traffic and revenues, which then, in turn boost conversion rates. For that purpose, create a proper monetization plan that effectively targets your audience.

Also, you can use this strategy to provide discounts, coupons, cash backs, and other incentives, which helps to keep your customers hooked with your brand all the time. 

Overall, push notifications are a terrific technique to quickly increase sales to extreme levels.

6. Launch a Responsive Feedback System 

The majority of e-commerce apps don’t offer their users a way to leave feedback. Customers shouldn’t experience any negative effects from your app’s feedback mechanism, or you will eventually lose them. 

Therefore, offering customers useful feedback channels where they can express their experiences is a great way to build their trust and improve their credibility with your online e-commerce store. 

Responding to visitor feedback will also draw in additional clients. A comment box or a link can be created at the bottom of the service page so that users can provide feedback.

7. Easy Accessibility of Tracking Orders

An effective tracking option is one of the most important elements that is typically absent from e-commerce apps. 

Customers do get frustrated if they can’t track the delivery of their purchases. As a result, be sure that your app alerts users every time a visitor makes a purchase, when their product is about to ship, or if there are any delays with their shipment.

Providing simple tracking tools will increase consumer trust in your company.

8. Offer Responsive Customer Support 

The easiest approach to differentiate your e-commerce store from your rivals is to give your visitors easy access to customer support throughout the day. 

More than 90% of consumers are unsatisfied with mobile apps that don’t provide reliable communication channels. 

The two most popular techniques are phone calls and emails. To distinguish your brand from that of your rivals, you must introduce chatbots or offer in-app live chat services all the time. 

Having prompt customer service available all day long makes it easier for customers to track their upcoming orders, submit queries, or check out previous order history. 

Overall, responsive customer service that is available around-the-clock increases consumers’ trust and makes them feel important.

Final Thoughts 

If you are someone who owns an e-commerce business and wants to succeed in the e-commerce world, then you must go for e-commerce mobile app development. No wonder website is also a great way to offer products/services. However, a robust e-commerce mobile app would be a safe bet to invest in. 

Also, you can go for both an e-commerce app and a website for your business needs. If you are planning to connect with any web development company, you can check out web design companies in NJ. 

Needless to say, website development in NJ has gained huge popularity in the last couple of years. The reason is that NJ is one of the fastest-growing technology hubs these days. 

In the aforementioned write-up, we have covered the best 8 features for a successful e-commerce mobile application.  

Written by Marcus Richards


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