Diref Announces HealthQuake Summit 2021

DETROIT, March 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — What if there’s a cure for cancer? What if we figure out how to live forever? These and other seismic shifts in the business, policy, and practice of healthcare are the topic of the third HealthQuake Summit to be held June 21 in Detroit, Michigan—home of the world’s first successful heart pump and the AIDS compound, AZT.

What if there’s a cure for cancer? What if we learn how to live forever? The 2021 HealthQuake Summit aims to find out.

Delegates representing business, government, scientific, and professional institutions will spend a day discussing the shifts with the people making them happen—experts in the major branches of postmodern medicine”: Regenerative, bionic, genomic, and digital.

Speakers include regenerative medicine pioneer Dr. Anthony Atala, who grows organs and tissues from stem cells; neurobionics engineer Dr. Miguel Nicolelis, whose paraplegic patient took the opening kick at the 2014 FIFA World Cup; Dr. Vittorio Sebastiano, who is seeking to prolong life; Dr. Hermano Rocha, head of a project in Brazil applying IBM’s Watson (the Jeopardy champion) to cancer treatment; Dr. David Keeley, executive of an innovative telehealth company; and Ambassador George Hara, an investor and advisor to the Japanese government and the UN.

The speakers will give short, non-technical, lay-oriented TED-style talks on future developments in their branch of postmodern medicine and discuss with delegates the implications of those developments for everyone—not just clinicians and hospital leaders but also health policy makers, device manufacturers, investors, employers— anyone whose business is likely to be affected by the coming seismic shifts.

In previous Summits, Dr. Shuvo Roy presented the worlds most advanced implantable bioartificial kidney; Dr. Atul Butte described how the University of California turns its vast health data resources into breakthrough medical products; distinguished French surgeon Dr. Jean-Michel Dubernard spoke about his pioneering work in face and other transplantation; and former US Surgeon General Antonia Novello provided an overarching policy perspective.

The free, invitation-only Summit is limited to 50 delegates and will take place at the elegant Colony Club in Detroit on June 21, 2021. Further information, including invitation requests, reports from previous Summits, and the 2021 Summit Prospectus, may be obtained by visiting

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