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How To Improve Your Productivity

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Many people worry about being unproductive, especially after the effects of the Covid Pandemic left a lot of people feeling unmotivated after they got out of their normal routine. Whether you are a mortgage broker helping people get mortgages for home improvement, a personal trainer getting people in shape or anything else, productivity is key to success and ongoing success.

Here, we have some top tips for improving your productivity to ensure that you remain motivated and can add some structure into your daily life.

Buy a calendar or diary

Buying a calendar or diary can help you to remember everything you have to do on a week by week basis, so that you always have something to look forward to and can remain organised for events. This can also help you to lay out your week in an easy to understand style so that you can gradually work through your week without becoming stressed.

Create a to do list

Seeing how many tasks you have to complete in a day or a week can help you to successfully complete them all without forgetting anything or having to cram them all into a short space of time. Ticking off tasks when you have completed them can help you to feel like you have accomplished something in your day to day life and can help you to understand how much you can achieve in only a short space of time.

Find time for things you enjoy

One of the hardest parts of working from home can be separating your personal and your work life as it all seems to merge into one place, enjoyable activities like golf and other sports can be a great way to improve and increase productivity. It is important to remember than even when you’re working from home, you’re entitled to a lunch break and you can log off at the time you would if you were working in an office.

Working from home means you need to schedule time to do things that you enjoy, whether that is going for a walk, the gym, reading or watching TV. It is so much harder to remain productive when you are constantly focused on work, and it can feel overwhelming leading to less motivation.

Schedule your day

Scheduling your working day hour by hour can help to increase your productivity as it will allow you to mentally prepare for what you have to do in the next hour and beyond. At the beginning of the day, take some time to check your emails and your to do list and see what work you have to complete by the end of the day or week. Then, you can decide how much time you think this will take you and schedule your day accordingly.

Don’t be afraid to feel unproductive

Feeling like you have had an unproductive day can make it harder to have a productive following day or week if you are overwhelmed by how little you achieved previously. Remember that everyone finds different tasks hard, and that working from home or from an office can be mentally or physically draining. Not having a productive day is normal, and you need to let it motivate you to get back on track instead of dragging you down.

Written by Marcus Richards


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