Leading Law Firm Launches Lawyerless Legal Service

Wednesday 6 January, 2021

Mayo Wynne Baxter has launched, a new legal service that uses technology to create bespoke legal documents and contracts without the need to speak to a solicitor.

The system uses technology that asks the questions that a lawyer would ask and assists users to produce legally correct documents that can be relied on. LawEasier documents are priced from as little as £10 + vat and cover many areas of personal and business law. Many of the documents come with access to their legal advice line and review service. So you can discuss your needs with a lawyer and have the completed document checked by a solicitor too if needed.

There are nearly 300 legal documents and letters available covering many areas of the law from employment contracts to T&Cs, to Wills and powers of attorney. All can be created from the comfort of your home or office without the need to even talk with their expert lawyers which save users time and money. A useful solution during a national lockdown.

The platform uses Rapidocs technology that asks the questions that a solicitor would, and uses those answers to create a bespoke and legally correct document. Think of it as a brilliant bit of AI that guides you through the process to create your own documents. The AI prevents users from producing an incorrect legal document. The finished document or letter will be legally correct and will stand up in court.

The system is best suited to matters that perhaps do not need expert advice from a solicitor and are relatively straightforward. However, many of the documents include access to a legal advice line so users can talk through their specific situation with a qualified solicitor. Some documents also come with access to a legal review service, allowing users to send their completed document to the LawEasier lawyers who will check it. With the announcement of another national lockdown, this could not have come at a better time to ensure that businesses and individuals can find a solution to their legal needs.

Users can also access comprehensive legal guides for free. These legal guides have been written in plain-English and are kept entirely up to date by the LawEasier content team. The guides cover most  laws that affect us individually as well as business law and help users better understand their legal position on a vast range of matters. Access to the guides is entirely free, but users must register on the LawEasier website first.

“We want to provide access to legal services to those that perhaps feel they cannot afford a solicitor or that need documents produced instantly.” Said Mayo Wynne Baxter’s new Chief Executive, Dean Orgill. “Not everyone needs the advice of one of our highly – skilled legal advisers to solve their legal needs. So by using technology, we can make essential documents and guidance more affordable and more easily accessible, particularly during the current pandemic.”

LawEasier was initially only available on an annual subscription basis and aimed at small businesses. This launch sees the service’s expansion to include ‘pay-as-you-go’ documents available on a ‘try-before-you-buy’ basis and the free legal guides.

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