The Most Profitable Teams in the National Football League

The Most Profitable Teams in the National Football League

Professional sports franchises are one of the better investments someone can make. Of course, only a select few can make such a financial commitment. But after seeing what the most profitable teams in the National Football League are, you’ll learn that winning isn’t a prerequisite.

Washington Commanders

The Washington Commanders haven’t been a relevant football team since Daniel Snyder purchased the squad for $750 million. As of today, Snyder’s troubled team on the field with a checkered past is worth $4.2 billion. Fans of Washington have wanted Snyder to sell for various reasons, all of which aren’t good, but with a cash cow like that, it’s hard to imagine him stepping away.

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams (along with the Chargers) have one of the most luxurious stadiums in the world, recently just won the Super Bowl, and had the best wide receiver in 2022, so their value of $4.8 billion makes a lot of sense. Stanley Kroenke may have made some enemies in St. Louis for moving the team back out west, but it was the right decision from a financial standpoint.

New York Giants

Like the Commanders, supporting the New York Giants has been futile for a decade. Fortunately, all the losing, botched draft picks, and horrific free agent signings made by a previous regime didn’t sink the value of the team. The Giants edged out the Rams with a $4.85 billion evaluation, some of which they still must fork over to Kenny Golladay to sit on the sidelines.

New England Patriots

The six-time Super Bowl champions New England Patriots are sitting at a cool five billion dollars. It would be interesting to see where the Patriots would be if they didn’t have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick lead them to multiple Super Bowls, but that’s something that Bob Craft doesn’t have to worry about. Finding their replacements, however, is something that might cause problems.

Dallas Cowboys

There is a clear-cut most profitable franchise in the NFL: the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have only two playoff wins since the Clinton administration, but there isn’t a more popular and recognizable team in the league. At $6.5 billion, you’ll have many in the organization screaming, “how ‘bout them Cowboys!”

The most profitable teams in the National Football League reached their pedestal differently. Being in the right city plays a factor In their evaluation since the Buffalo Bills, arguably the best team in the league, is the lowest on the list at $2.27 billion. However, with every team well over a billion dollars, it proves why everyone who can invest in the NFL does it.

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