The Shisha Market in the UK Transitions to Delivery

All kinds of restaurants and bars and lounges are having to rethink their ways to deliver services to their customers now that the pandemic has entered its second year. With no sign that the lockdowns and quarantines will be ending any time soon, restaurants and bars are figuring out new ways to bring their services and products to clients.

The Shisha bar and lounge scene is having to make the same adjustments and is doing so in style. Shisha in Chester has become a growing demographic and these chill and fun bars are great places to come and enjoy a traditional social experience and some delightfully flavoured tobacco.

For many people who love Shisha, the pandemic has put a real crimp in their style. However, this is all starting to change as Shisha bars and lounges are opening up their services to include delivery!

Shisha Market in the UK Transitions to Delivery

Okha Lounge and places like it in Chester are the center of this new Shisha Chester movement. It has proven agreeably easy to deliver Shisha to customers who have a hookah at home, and these businesses have jumped on the chance to provide their uniquely-flavoured tobacco to customers via delivery.

The model for this delivery method has been tested and approved by many food delivery companies already. Their success was the jumping-off point for sorting out a clever means to transition Shisha to the same order and deliver method.

Shisha Chester is not the only location that is taking advantage of this new method to sell products and stay in business while the pandemic rages on. Shisha lounges and bars all over the UK are delivering products to their clients, usually by leveraging social media platforms to help customers make orders.

Many Shisha bars are creating a social media presence, and then directing their potential customers to view their wares and some information about their lounge before hitting them up via a DM to make an order. Other bars are more sophisticated and have set up a full website interface just for delivery orders!

This ingenuity and flexibility points to good things related to the UK economy eventually recovering from the pandemic. The self-employed and the services industries will have to carry the UK out of this mess and into a better future.

How Quick is This Delivery Process?

While not quite as fast as delivering food through the usual food apps that streamline delivery to customers, most of the Shisha bars and lounges who are using this means to make money and stay relevant are still boasting a 2-day or less turnaround time.

For locals who frequent the same Shisha in Chester location, they might even get a delivery the same day that is brought over by hand. This mom-and-pop methodology combined with wider outreach through social media has caused a change that is definitive and effective.

What This Means for Small Business During the Pandemic

The take-away that everyone should get from this inadvertent test-case for small business success, is that small businesses can other service-based companies are going to be able to figure out ways to survive the pandemic.

It is as if the waiting period has ended and small businesses and the services industry have decided to break from the old ways of doing business and get on with the business of making a living. This is great to see and should indicate a shift in attitudes and creativity that will help other smaller sectors grow and thrive despite these difficult times.

Shisha Delivered to Your Doorstep

So, if you live near any of these Shisha bars that are offering delivery, especially Shisha in Chester, make sure to give their improved delivery services a try. You will be helping out a small business and even better than that, you will be promoting the entrepreneurial spirit that has carried the UK forward through many other historical challenges.

There is never a wrong time to support the little guy who is just trying to make a living, and giving services industry workers and business owners the chance to make it through the pandemic unscathed is almost like a public service being done.

We are all in this together, from the banking sector, to the government, to the owner of the Shisha lounge just down the street. Looking out for one another is the least we can do during these fraught times. And there are far less pleasant things to have bought with your generosity and support, than a delightful order of Shisha. 

Written by Hassan


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